Teaching is a very hard to do job which is also fun and exciting at the same time, especially if you are someone who loves constantly meeting new people or loves engaging with children a lot. Becoming a teacher has to obviously have a range of certain qualifications and this too applies to casual or substitute teachers as well. A lot of schools are always on the lookout for a good teacher they can hire in case of a last minute substitution, this has also lead to a bit of competition among such teachers as well. In order to escape the competitiveness and rise to the top of your own game, you need to be better at what you are doing. These tips will help you understand how to become better at casual teaching quite easily! 

Your resume

When a school is in need of a relief primary teaching Australia session they mostly will settle for teachers who have the best possible resume out of all the others. So make sure when you are applying yourself in to such positions your resume looks as best as it possibly can. Your job as a teacher depends on all the main qualifications you possess. You need to make sure when a school takes a look at your resume, they can instantly see all the skills you have utilized over the years and all the qualifications you have earned as well. These things are the key to getting a good job as a teacher, casual or not.


You need to understand that first impressions last longer with anyone, especially in a work setting. A school is a work setting for all teachers so you need to be able to appear very professional in order for anyone to take you seriously. Even if you are asked to attend a casual relief teaching period and you attend it looking as professional as you can, it would end up saying a whole lot about you as a person.

Build relationships

Of course as a relief teacher you are not always going to be in school a lot. However make it a point to always greet everyone you see in a school so your bond with other teachers or the school staff can develop to a better level. This gives you an upper hand as well. Next time the school wants a substitute or a relief teacher they would think of you as they are assured you would be the perfect person for the job.

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