Education is an importance factor in the development a child. Today, education does not stop as you become an adult because the things that a person has to learn abundant. People get confused as to where to start when it comes teaching their child this basics of studying. Here is where formal education starts and how it slowly develops and how the child will climb the education ladder. This is based on a general education stages. Each country might have their own educational stages.

Most education in countries start with the primary stage but there is a pre-primary stage as well. The Pre – Primary stage includes different classes. Pre – nursery, nursey, KG, LKG and UKG. There is a new class coming up in a lot of places called the English playgroup HK classes.

Which is comes for students before KG for kids between the ages of 1 – 3. Where teach the very basics of life. Learn to speak and answer simple questions. They slowly graduate to the kindergarten classes after wards. Today there are even phonics course for kids HK. Education has evolved a lot.

They then join a school for the primary stages which usually consist of kids between the ages of 5 – 12 years. This stage will teach them the basic subjects of education like, English, mathematics, local language, Environmental studies, etc. Some kids learn basic math and language in the pre-primary but most of them pick up the pace in primary. They slowly horn their skills and education in this stage. Visit 

Next comes the middle stage between ages of 12 to 14 but some have secondary school that has students from 12 to 16 years of age. Middle is known as middle school while the other is called high school. For countries that have both together is called secondary school. They are taught a little advance studying in Mathematics, science, history, language, etc.

Senior secondary or Sixth Form College is the next stage where they choose to stream education down for higher studies. Students can pursue Arts, Commerce or Science. This stage educates students in advance studies and gets you ready for university.

Once you get through Sixth Form College, you enter University and become an undergraduate. This consists of 3 years and then from bachelor’s degree to a masters to a Post Graduate Diploma. These are the basic educational stages of formal education.

There are other forms of education as well where distant learning and home schooling as well. These not pretty famous in many countries but they do exist and distant learning slowly becoming common.