The Parachuting is also referred as skydiving. The Parachuting is the sports in action of aircraft and return to earth with the force of gravity and slowing down the lastly in descent of using the parachute as the device. The history of parachuting has its starts with Andre-Jacques Garnerin made a successful attempt using the canopy of canvas and the basket with the balloon of hot air. The military used for the purpose to save the aircrews during emergency conditions. Parachuting is also considered to be an art of recreation and sports of competitive synergy, also used in the military deployment of personnel and firefighters as well. 

The skydiving center can be run out on either the phenomenon of operation in commercial use or run as a club operated on the airport. The parachute jump includes the individuals to be exited at aircraft or any altitude. After the opening of the parachute the jumper can have control over the right directions and the toggle speed of steering lines attached to the parachute edge aiming the safe landing and come to the stop at gentle site. The modern sport parachute is inflating of self type providing the speed control and the directions. On manipulating the body shape in freefall the skydiver generates the turns, moves forward and backward motions and do lift. With the help of well trained and equipped instructors the individual make the first jump and during the jump the instructor is held responsible of emergency conditions therefore it involves the freeing of the student to be concentrated on the skydive with great attention. 

Tandem Skydiving is also referred as tandem parachuting which deals with skydiving type which involves the learner skydiver is attached to the well trained and equipped instructor that has remote pilot certificate. The instructor will guide the learner from the whole jump to the exit through of piloting the canopy, freefall and the landing procedure in the effective way. Here the learner will be aware of the instruction to the minimal extent before jumping with the instructor. The tandem parachuting is more expensive training method. The training methods include the static line, Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), Instructor Assisted deployment (IAD). The fatalities and the injuries may occur in the parachute as the skydiver performs operations which are unsafe and also make judgments error during the flying the canopy which results in the impact of the speed with grounds. Swooping usually a discipline of advanced type of high speed gliding which are parallel to the space of ground while landing. 

The wind conditions changes are the risk factor involved in the operations of parachute. During the turbulence and the blow of strong winds in hot days the driver can get caught in the drafts of down type which are very close to the surface of the ground. The shifting winds may result a downwind landing or the crosswind landing which can cause injury due to the speed of the wind in accordance with speed of landing. The other important risk involved is the canopy collisions or the crash between the skydivers. The skydiving in poor weather conditions is extremely dangerous and the weather conditions include high winds, dust devils and during thunderstorms are unsafe in performing skydives. The beginner for skydive seeks trainings for the below said options that includes the skydiving of tandem type, IAD, AFF and the static line. The different disciplines of skydive are Free flying, Relative work, Freestyle, Canopy Relative Work, Swooping, Wing suiting, Indoor Skydiving.