Kids have creativity in their minds and if properly inspired they will become exceptional artists in different field. It is the responsibility of the adults to help them polish their creativity. To do this, there are certain things that adults could do and there are certain things that adults should avoid doing. So if you are a parent, grand parent or an adult who loves kids, following are certain things to be considered.

The first thing is you should give your kid freedom. You can prepare him a place where he can make any mess that he wants. Give him a large space which is safe and can be easily observed and let him be free and happy where he will start doing different experiments. Kids are very good at doing experiments as they are still observing the things around them. So this is a good starting point for them to do their observations and improve creativity. This space can be the beginning of the art class for kids at home. You can prepare this space by putting a cloth or an old newspaper into the play pen, play area or floor and let him do anything with paints.

When your kid starts doing his own painting, do not try to involve in it and give directions or advices on what he is doing. Don’t tell them to draw that and this. Just observe what he is doing and encourage him to do it well. for an example, without asking your kid to draw a rainbow or paint one, encourage him to do colour mixing and let him come up with his own rainbow and identify it on his own.

If your kid is schooling and doing art at school, one good way to encourage his interest towards arts to ask about what he did during the arts period or if he is participating in an trusted children art studio, what happened in the class.  At this point, he will tell you what he did at school or class and tell if he enjoyed it or not. So that you can decide if he is attending the best place or he needs further support to improve his artistic skills

Another positive thing any parent could do is, when the kid is doing a painting, go there and encourage them by appreciating what they are doing. When this is done, always try to use comments related to art and painting. May be you can comment on the colour, he might also think again and might come up with a different way of painting.