Teaching is taken to be the noblest profession in the entire world. Being a good teacher can be rewarding, since your students will always remember you as someone who inspired them along the way. So here are some of the things you could do to become a good teacher that everyone would look up to.

1. Set a good example

Remember that your students will always look up to you and also look at you. They will behave according to your behaviour towards them. If you act rude and inappropriate with them, their response will be equally inappropriate. Always go in front of them with confidence and make them realize you know what you are talking about. If they feel you are shaky and uneasy, they will start asking questions to put you in trouble. So be confident, friendly and approachable always.

2. Set well-defined consequences

You need to set out ground rules and also punishments for breaching them. Keep to it so that your students know you are very serious about it. For example, if someone does not do his homework at secondary math tutorial class, then make him realize that he cannot get away with it. You need to first give out a non-verbal sign such as looking at the student. Then tell him to stop talking and then give him a warning. If he still doesn’t listen, you could take action. The most frequent punishments are writing lines, detention, sitting away from friends etc.

3. Be compassionate

Your students could come to you with all sorts of problems, not even relating to subject matter. No matter what, you need to be compassionate towards the student. Make him feel that you actually care about him. You are not always required to give solutions but what matters is listening to him and being there for him.

4. Prepare a creative environment

Creativity is an important trait that should be inculcated in students. This does not mean arts and crafts only, but also creative problem solving, thinking out of the box etc. Always keep room for new ideas of the students. Students are motivated well when they are listened to so take their opinions into consideration when deciding on anything. Create an environment for leadership so that you students could discover themselves. For example, in IB math tutorial class, divide them into teams, select a leader for each round and hold a quiz competition.

5. Plan your lessons

You need to have a clear plan when you walk in to class each day. If your students feel that you are unprepared, they will not respond very well to you. So go through the lesson, make notes and assign homework to students so that they could revise the lesson.