We know that nothing we learn is a waste and this also applies to art as well, and DJing is surely a form of art in the world right now. Anyone can become a DJ if they want to, but how good of a DJ can you be is the real question. Just like with any other skill, DJing is definitely not something that you can learn overnight and be extremely good at, even if you do have a passion to do so is surely impossible. However, if you are a hard worker and a dedicated individual, you can make sure that you are at the top of your game in DJing. With the technology available today we can see small children engaging in becoming a DJ as well and his proves how anyone can find a way to do this but not everyone is going to have the talent to make a crowd dance. If you want to make sure you are the biggest DJ around, here are some tips to follow!

Public gigs

Some people might disagree and say that in order to utilize your talent you must play in private first and then get better at it. If you think about it, playing in private is simply just practice and not actual DJing at all. You are not going to know how good or bad you are at keeping the crowd happy with your DJing if you do not have a crowd at all. So try and ask a friend about how to get DJ gigs at clubs or even a local bar.

Social media

You might wonder what social media has to do with becoming a better DJ by profession, but it does have a lot to offer. Just like how DJ lessons are important to better our skills, it is important to share your mixes among a group of people who would want to listen to it. There are plenty of sites that allow upcoming artists to upload their mixes and this helps you build a fan base with time. This will then lead to you getting more and more feedback which helps with making yourself better at DJing.

Listen to other DJs

Some beginners might not want to do this and not just beginners, some experts would not want to do this either but this actually helps with becoming a better DJ. You have to listen, critically, to other DJs who are above your level because there is always someone better. Try to gather some mixes of better DJs and then identify what you like about them and what you do not. This will let you know how you have to come up with your own work!

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